6 Yoga Accessories You Didn’t Know Existed

Yoga is both risky and tough when not done right but with the help of accessories you can lower the risk and make your sessions fun and interesting. So here’s a list of all the yoga accessories you probably have never heard about.

Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat

I am sure a lot of you have come across a yoga mat plenty of times but they remain top of the list because of their sheer importance. These mats make practicing yoga safer than ever and come in tons of different colors and designs to keep you motivated and interested. If you’re not which to buy then you can read reviews here.

Yoga mats provide the ideal amount of traction, stickiness, and thickness to help you maintain a firm grip and not injure yourself seriously in case of a slip.

Nail Bed

You may not care about acupuncture or hate anything with needles that can cause pain but this needle bed isn’t like the others and that’s why it grabs spot number 2. If you’re a yogi and love to relax then this nail bed is a must buy.

Use them while performing Savasana or before you go to sleep for a more relaxing and comfortable sleep. It’s also known to reduce headaches and muscle soreness and it’s quite cheap.

Toe Sox


You may have heard of the regular versions of toe socks that you can use for yoga but these aren’t anything like it. For a lazy ass being a couch potato all day to yogis to even Pilates practitioner, there’s one for everyone.

These are stylishly designed and come in different designs and shapes for men. They provide better stability due to the bottom grip when compared to regular socks.

Gym Swing

If you’re in the mood to have some fun, then you’ll simply fall in love with this accessory. The gym swing is what is often used in aerial yoga. Nothing like getting your mind and body worked out while having fun, right? That’s exactly what aerial yoga is all about.

These swings can be installed within minutes and can be used for tons of things apart from yoga such as decompression of the spine, strength training or just grab your favorite summer cooler and watch your favorite match relaxing on it.

Plank mats

Here’s a yoga mat with a slight twist. If you’re tired of the regular black or blue yoga mats you’ve seen loads people carry to the classes, this one’s definitely helping you stand out.

These mats provide the same stickiness and comfort of any other yoga mat but are textured and designed like wooden planks. The special material used absorbs body heat and further improves grip.

Yoga Towels

yoga towel

These aren’t just like other yoga towels that simply cover a portion of your mat and slide of as the sessions get tough. These NamaStay yoga towels come with specially designed corners that wrap onto the edges of the mat.

Thus, stay and keep the mat rooted to the spot thus not only protecting your mat from sweat, oil stains and dirt but also providing an additional layer of safety and a better grip. You can get them with various different designs and symbols on top.

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